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Clinical Studies


Emtech Ultimate is not a registered medical device in Singapore and should not be used as a medical or health product in Singapore. The following is a clinical study done using Emtech therapy and we look forward to conducting more studies in the near future.


• To compare the efficacy of Emtech Therapy vs Sham control on blood pressure and glycemic control.

• To determine the safety and tolerability of Emtech.


• Randomised controlled single blind comparative crossover trial.

• The same patients undergo treatmenteveryday using the active machine for a month, followed by the sham machine for another month.

• Glycemic and Blood pressure levels are then compared..


• Trend of decrease in the systolic blood pressure in 65% of the patients

• Trend of decrease in Fast Blood Sugar, and HbA1C measurements in 55% of the patients

• No adverse effects were reported


• Results as a preliminary study are encouraging, and the scientists propose further studies to be done with more controlled settings and a longer time period for more significant results to be observed.

• Emtech treatment has shown to aid some in lowering their blood sugar levels and blood pressure, with varying effectiveness between patients.

Emtech Pre- and Post- Test | Red Blood Cells of Subjects


Clinical Studies on Various Health Conditions