Welcome To Emtech!


Emtech traces its beginnings from the Rotary Family Service Center and Toa Payoh Community Center, where our founder Roger donated 20 Ultimate machines for the public to use for free after personally experiencing the seemingly miraculous healing effects of the technology.

After using the machine for 6 months, the technology has already given significant improvement in Roger’s health. As a Rotarian, he wanted to share this technology with others and thus bought and donated the 20 machines. From there, the stories started pouring in. Through the Emtech technology, peoples’ lives were touched as their health conditions improved.

Roger’s one time charitable donation turned into a charitable project when people started wanting to purchase the Ultimate to bring home. He helped them purchase it from the inventors of the technology, selling it to them at $500 above his cost and donating the profits back to the Rotary Family Service Center.

Eventually, the inventors approached Roger to start a business around the Ultimate. Recognising the impact he could make if he built a sustainable business with greater reach, he agreed to starting Emtech in order to help more people. Thus, Emtech was born.

Let us show you the simple steps to being healthy.