Health & Body

Madam Leong

Mdm Leong was a classic active person, full of energy and passion. She enjoyed things like swimming, jogging and practicing Qi Gong etc. During the late 2000, her routine yearly medical checked up, she was officially diagnosed with Parkinson disease which was the worst thing that could have happen to her as she was still in her prime of her life and the fact that she was actively engaging in physical recreation and like most of us do, a healthy lifestyle. Gradually, she started to notice that her hands were trembling and muscle rigidity affected her walking and speaking intensely, it’s just like that world came tumbling down on her all of a sudden and even her attending doctor was helpless towards her medical conditions. She tried all kinds of alternative to salvage the situation but to no avail. After she chance up on Emtech treatment, despite her skeptical and loss of faith, she had a huge improvement in which she could walk without any assistance using things like walking stick and wheelchair which she loath the most in under 20 treatments. Her conditions gradually improve after 2 months in that she has become more energetic with no tremor on her limbs. Her attending doctor was perplex and happy for her at the same time that her condition has improve dramatically. 2 years forward, we are rejoicing and joyful that with her continuous use of Emtech machine, she was able to continue her new love for dancing.