Health & Body


2018-04-11 17:06:57
Detox is one of the most popular terms in diet and/or health world. On the contrary, not many know and understand much about it. What is detox, why should we worry about it, and how we can do detox in a safe way? This week we will be talking about detoxing on Emtech, so let’s check it out. How does the body carry out the detoxing process? • Skin – eliminates toxins through sweat • Liver and bile- cleanse the impurity in blood and filter the toxins in blood • Lung- through phlegm • Kidney- flush out digestive by-products such as uric acid and some minerals..
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Weight Management

2018-04-11 16:56:50
Weight management does not only focus on losing weight. Due to aging, many seniors will notice that their muscle mass naturally decrease and will start to lose their appetite which increases the risk of being underweight. Being underweight may put them at higher risk of health problems which include increase risk of muscle loss, debilitating fall and broken bones, weaken immune system and may cause nutrient deficiency. To avoid unplanned weight loss among seniors: a. Divide the meal into smaller portion and eat frequently to stimulate appetite. Try to have 5 ~ 6 small meals per day, ins..
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Aging Gracefully

2018-04-11 16:50:24
Healthy aging refers to slowing down the aging process or the reduction of the undesired effects of aging. The goals of healthy aging are maintaining a good physical and mental health, avoiding disorders, and remaining active and independent. It requires more effort to maintain a general good health when aging. Therefore, certain habits concerning health are essential and should be put to practice as soon as possible. 1. Always have a nutritious and healthy diet Always try to cut deep fried and process food from your diet. This type of food will only help to increase inflammation in your..
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2018-04-11 16:42:40
The human body is built to move, with over 360 joints and about 700 skeletal muscles made up our body. Joints connect the bones within our body. At the same time, joints enable us to move and bear our weight. Bone, muscles, synovial fluid, cartilage, and ligaments make up joints. Not all joints are made the same, different type of joints deliver different points of stability and mobility. By understanding the functions of joints and what kind of lifestyle and habits will have what effect on them, one can manage the complications arise from arthritis, gout, and other joint-related problem. This..
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