Emtech Ultimate is a wellness device that generates 4 types of therapeutic energies:

  • High Electric Potential (HEP)
  • Pulsating Electromagnetic Forces (PEMF)
  • Far Infrared (FIR)
  • Thermoxibustion

These naturally occurring energies work hand in hand to bring about general wellness, increase in energy levels, and reduction of discomfort across many health conditions.

They improve our blood circulation, strengthen our cells, improve our metabolism, and support our body’s self-healing.

It improves our blood circulation, strengthens our immune system, detoxifies, and charges up (polarizes) every cell in our body to absorb more oxygen and nutrients. Thus, the Ultimate nhances our ability to maintain good health and facilitates our body’s self-repair, self-healing processes

Emtech Wellness is a Singapore based company founded in 2005. The Emtech Ultimate utilizes technology and parts from Germany.

Emtech Ultimate 4-in-1has 4 functions in one device, while many other devices are single function. It uses an exceptionally low current of 300 microamperes and is able to boost up to 20,000V of physiological effect.

It is safe, non static and extremely easy to use. You can use other electronic devices while using the Emtech Ultimate,
unlike many other similar brands. It can also take a standing weight up of 150Kg.

An average of 8-10 years. We recommend annual servicing, and to maintain the machine by wiping often with a damp cloth. Taking care not to drop the machine or dropping sharp/heavy objects on the machine also helps to extend its lifespan.

Emtech Wellness guarantees to keep parts of previous models for up to a decade from date ofof purchase and will be able to repair and service any Emtech Ultimate device within the first 10 years of purchase.

If you suspect that your machine is malfunctioning, you can bring it to any of our outlets for a free general check of its functions.

For full servicing that includes recalibrating and testing all the internal components of the machine, please make an appointment at our Service Centre through WhatsApp (9374 3051) or Phone Call (6337 0065).

Please refer to Contact Us for more information.

There may be a series of factors contributing to this:

    1. The Emtech Ultimate is designed to reach its highest temperature at around 15 minutes. This is ideal for our bodies to get used to the increasing heat – similar to going into a hot spring slowly, we could burn our skin if immediately touching a surface of more than 40 degree Celsius from room temperature.

In continuous usage, as the surface is already warm from the previous session, it will warm up faster.

  1. Different people perceive heat differently, due to differences in sensory nerve endings and thickness of skin. If you suspect the Ultimate that you’re using is not coming up to optimal temperature, for example staying at room temperature even with the high heat setting after 15 mins, you can approach any of our staff to check its temperature.
  2. The Emtech Ultimate could feel less hot if using it right after walking a lot or exercising as your feet are warm from the increased blood circulation through exercise, as opposed to starting the therapy session with cold feet.

Emtech Ultimate combines different energy therapies that have been researched and used for decades. HEP is popular in Japan to improve metabolism and to cleanse our blood, PEMF has many FDA clearances and clinical studies done on a wide range of health conditions. Far Infrared and Thermoxibustion are therapies used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for improving the circulation of energy to maintain good health. We have done a clinical study on the effects of Emtech Ultimate on Diabetes and High Blood Pressure in a randomized double placebo trial,**to include more details*


Emtech machines are now used in government places and NGO’s e.g. Community Clubs, Family Service Day Care Centres, Nursing Homes, Rehabilitation Centres, churches, temples, even beauty therapy centres, etc.

One 30 minute session in our studio is $15.

(Consists of using 2 machines over the 30 mins at 2 different positions. We have different service packages available as well, the most popular one being our Monthly Unlimited Sessions – Unlimited sessions within 30 days for only $150.

Yes, limited number of Emtech Ultimates are available for leasing. Minimum Lease is 2 months. Please contact us for more information on stock availability.

Yes, the Emtech Ultimate is available for purchase. We strongly encourage you to try out the machine at our Centers and to learn more about its effectiveness before purchasing. Retail price of Emtech Ultimate is $8800 inclusive of GST.

Machine owners are entitled to 30 complimentary sessions annually. They can also bring a friend to use the free session together with them. We also hold regular sessions for Machine Owners and exclusive discounts that Machine Owners enjoy for the supplements and other products that we carry.

I have purchased a machine – How do I arrange for servicing? For full servicing that includes recalibrating and testing all the internal components of the machine, please make an appointment at our Service Centre through WhatsApp (9374 3051) or Phone Call (6337 0065). Servicing is free under warranty, and takes about 1 to 2 weeks to complete.

Please refer to Contact Us for more information.


Usually, they are very mild reactions like skin itch, sore throat, fatigue, body aching or mild dizziness, etc. They are self limiting in nature and will relieve spontaneously after drinking more plain water. Reduce duration of treatment if, despite replenishing with more water, the symptoms are not manageable. Please refer to the Recovery Symptoms list for more information

For normal surgical operations (no post operative complications), you may start using the feet position and other position treatments after 2 weeks of operation.

However, it is important to rest the operated area for at least 2 months, i.e. he or she should not put the machine against the stomach for 2 months if he had stomach surgery. Emtech therapy will help accelerate healing processes of the surgical wound.

For a normal delivery (without any complication), she can start using the machine after 2 weeks of delivery. If a child is delivered by surgical operation, she needs to avoid holding machine on stomach or sitting on machine until at least 60 days after surgery. However, she can start using the feet and other positions 2 weeks after the operation.

Yes, it is very safe to use in cancer patients. In fact, the machine will help support their body to achieve better alkalinity, oxygenation and immune system which together may help support our body against the ravages of cancer.

Yes, Emtech usage is independent of western treatment. It only supports our body against the ravaging side effects of chemotherapy or radiotherapy by supporting your body’s metabolic processes and immune cells.

There isn’t an age limit.
For infants, just hold them in your arms for 5-10 minutes.
For children less than 9 years old – 15 to 20 minutes depending on the body size.
For children between 9 to 12 years old – 30 minutes.
For children above 12 years old – may do up to 1 hour daily.

Normally, High (Orange) heat setting (which is between 40 – 45 C) is to be used in almost all situations except those suffering from diabetes mellitus or any other skin conditions like eczema, skin itchiness, sensitive or raw skin. In such cases, only Medium (Green) or Low (Blue) heat setting is allowed since our skin is very sensitive and may burn or blister at temperatures around 40 C.

For those who have open wounds or fresh bleeding/ swelling on skin, only Low (Blue) heat setting is allowed since heat can dilate blood vessels and therefore induces more bleeding or swelling.

The energies emitted from the machine travel in a form of radiation. Even the light and colours that we see are all traveling in a form of radiation which we call as electromagnetic wave.

Our energy therapy focuses on improving the health status and functionality of our cells, as every disease begins with sick cells.

Emtech Therapy is not a replacement for actual medication. Do not use the machine therapy as a replacement for your medication.

One should start experiencing better sleep and more energy within the 1st week. Darker urine and stools can be observed as part of the detoxification.

Amongst other factors, the duration it takes for one to experience improvements depends on the chronicity and severity of their existing medical conditions. Vast majority of conditions will begin improvment within 2-9 weeks of treatment.

It’s strongly recommended to use the machine daily to see the improvement from the usage. Minimal frequency is 4 times a week to experience improvement. The higher the frequency of usage of the machine, the better your health and body improvement.

Just make sure not to overuse the machine as it may dehydrate your body.

Service Centre Guidelines

Not more than 2 hours a day in any Emtech studio – split into 1 hour in the morning and 1 hour at night at least 6 hours or more apart. Usually 2 hours daily would already yield the improvement in vast majority of cases.

Using more than 2 hours a day does not necessarily yield better improvements of medical conditions, though it may for some people. With people who do not feel heaty or dehydrated may use machines more than 2 hours daily without a limit. For first timers, we recommend hourly daily use and increase progression to 2 hours daily (rest for 6 hours between each session.)

Home Guidelines

For those using the machine at home for more than 2 hours daily experiencing no dehydration symptoms, can continue using the machine.

The machine is safe for daily usage for the individual, as long as they experience no adverse effects.


Those with heart problems, high or low blood pressure, anaemia and thalassemia, please use machine for NO MORE THAN 1 hour per day for the 1st month of treatment.

Yes, you can. Removing socks may result in poor odour that will affect others in the vicinity. It is recommended to wear socks when applying moisturizer or creams to the feet to prevent direct contact of cream with the machine’s treatment surface.